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Upcoming questions

“Are there any books you could recommend for someone like me? I’d be very interested in learning (Western) art history from about the time of the Renaissance until today. Basically, could I study an entire university art history curriculum in a single book?” – asked by Jordan

“It has always struck me that the Impressionists were in their time not
considered as what you could call “officially acceptable painters”,
and that for instance the yearly Salon in Paris consecrating the best
painters of the year regularly refused their paintings (hence the
“Salon des Refusés). Could you enlighten us about who were the
official painters of the time and give some examples of their works?” – Myriam
“How can you see on people in for example the 17th century that they didn’t take care of their hygiene as well as us? Did they try to hide their teeth in paintings because they were so bad? How was their skin? Are there examples of paintings where the artist doesn’t try to make the subject look ‘better’ than they actually where?” – asked by Agnes
“I wonder if there have been women engaging in abstract expressionist art and if we maybe only don’t know them because Clement Greenberg forgot to tell us about them?” – asked by Natascha

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